Grassy Narrows at the Supreme Court

ALGrassyNarrowsRiverRunBannerFourteen years ago grassroots Grassy Narrows trappers started a legal action against Ontario to stop cleacut logging from destroying their way of life.  On May 15, Keewatin vs. MNR will finally be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Ontario has made final plans for another decade of clearcut logging on Grassy Narrows Territory against the clear objections of the community.   


Read Grassy Narrows' Press Release May 15, 2014

Grassy Narrows Youth Respond to Supreme Court Hearing

A feast is being held in Ottawa for Grassy Narrows.

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Ontario appeals Grassy Narrows' landmark treaty rights legal ruling

Supreme Court will hear Grassy Narrows legal case for treaty rights and against clearcut logging.


Documents filed with the Supreme Court: