Blockaders celebrate 13 years


On December 2nd Grassy Narrows celebrated 13 years of the Slant Lake Blockade.  In 2002 youth, women, landusers, and elders put their bodies on the line to stop the clearcut logging of their homeland and to protect their health,way of life and rights.

Read on for statements from grassroots blockaders and friends of Grassy Narrows.

Gwawich, lynx clan (Roberta Keesick) writes:

“I like how Grassy people are, I like how we still speak our language, and how our people still hunt extensively. I like how we love to joke around, it makes me feel good to have a good laugh. Laughing is medicine. I like how we do things together even if the events are not originally ours like Christmas, Halloween, we’re doing things together and for the children and our home. If you think of it, Grassy is practically Centre to turtle island. The first people exposed were from those all around us, to the north, south, east and west. That’s why we are strong culturally and spiritually. I myself believe all the things happening with our people rising up in what they call Canada (turtle island) came from us rising up to protect the land. I think we had a lot to do with it. Grassy is known world wide. We should be proud. Tomorrowmarks 13 years of resistance, our blockade started by our group effort. Tomorrow we will celebrate in some form on the land because it’s what makes Grassy people strong.”
There will be a celebration on Wednesday, December 2nd at the blockade site at Slant Lake, Asubpeeschoseewagong (Grassy Narrows.) You are welcome to attend.
On that day, please send our friends in Grassy messages of solidarity against the logging of their territory, for the immediate resolution of water quality issues, demanding a clean up of environmental mercury poisoning and supporting their sovereignty and traditional land use. We admire their resolve (and humour) in the face of such adversity and restate our full support in helping them overcome these historical injustices.
At the same time and again, we decry the historical neglect and shoulder-shrugging of these issues by the federal and provincial governments (that’s you Cons, Libs and NDP) and denounce the theft of their resources by exploitative corporations.
Thor Aitkenhead
IPSM-Winnipeg -> still Friends of Grassy Narrows