Grassy Narrows vetos clear-cutting

Thunder Bay News Source, January 17, 2007

Commercial fisherman fined for selling mercury tainted fish

Kenora Daily Miner, November 24, 2006

Highway blockade breaks up after dark

DAILY MINER & NEWS, July 14, 2006

International Supporters Converge to end Clear-cut Logging in Grassy Narrows

Rainforest Action Network and ForestEthics Press Release, July 7, 2006

Aboriginal leader takes land battle to Toronto

THE SUDBURY STAR, June 23, 2006

Grassy’s Environmental Summit Rekindles Fiery Debate

DAILY MINER & NEWS, June 17, 2006

Grassy Narrows – the other Native blockade


Weyerhaeuser holds fast to timber, shareholders told

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 21, 2006

Groups Urge Removal of Logging Executive from Forestry Panel

Center for Science in the Public Interest, March 21, 2006