Grassy Narrows Clan Mother Responds to Supreme Court Ruling

“Whatever the Supreme Court says, as long as we are here we are going to bring our issues to the world.  We need to protect our way of life.  This isn’t going to change who we are – a land based people that relies on our forests and our water.”

In my heart, in my feelings we are going to keep doing what we are doing and that is to protect the land and our way of life.
Our supreme law is the Natural Law, and our right to live our way of life on our territory is given to us by the Creator since time immemorial.
Our grassroots women, youth, and landusers will continue to maintain our blockade, our boycott, and our protest along with our supporters from around the world who recognize that we are standing for all life.  We will continue to sing our songs, practice our ceremonies, use our land, and heal our people.” 
Judy Da Silva, Lynx Clan.