Mercury Action Alert

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of when Grassy Narrows people began being poisoned by mercury from a paper mill that contaminated their river upstream.    

Instead of helping, Ontario is planning for another decade of clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows’ watershed – a practice that further increases mercury levels in the local food chain.  


Please take action now.  Tell premiere Kathleen Wynne that you support justice for Grassy Narrows, an end to clearcutting in Grassy Narrows, and protection for water everywhere.

Please Call Now!

416-325-1941 – switchboard – if you stay on the line you get a receptionist.  Ask for Kathleen Wynne.  Leave a message.

Speak from your heart, but please mention some of these points:

-The province must take swift and decisive action to resolve the ongoing legacy of mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows.

-Ontario must cancel the new plans for another decade of clearcut logging on Grassy Narrows Territory.

-Clearcut logging, which adds mercury to local lakes and rivers, must be banned forever on Grassy Narrows land.

-Ontario and Health Canada must acknowledge the mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows, and lower the safety guidelines for exposure to mercury.

Email Action

Please fill out this form to send an email to Kathleen Wynne.  Feel free to personalize your message.

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