Ontario and Canada Appeal Grassy’s Landmark Treaty Rights Legal Ruling

Today the Government of Ontario begins proceedings in the Ontario Court of Appeal seeking to overturn a major legal victory for Grassy Narrows Indigenous Nation in their decade long battle for Treaty rights and against clearcut logging on their territory – a practice known to raise mercury levels in fish. 


River Run 2012. Native rights now. No mercury, no clearcuts.

Please join us in Toronto for River Run 2012, where we’ll continue a tradition of community lead action for justice—for our people, and for the protection of the water, air, and forests that give life to us all.

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River Run Creative March and Rally

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Please join us on April 6, 7 as we demand justice for our people and protection for the water, air, and forests that give life to us all.


First Nations youth walk from Kenora to Toronto

Youth aim to raise awareness about mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows First Nation

CBC News, May 23, 2012

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Six young people are making a 2,000 kilometre trek, on foot, from north of Kenora to Toronto to raise awareness about the legacy of mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows First Nation.

“As a young person I want to focus (on) the younger crowd … and hope that one day they'll do something too, to keep the message going,” said one of the walkers, seventeen-year-old Edmond Jack during a stop-over in Thunder Bay on Tuesday.


Grassy Narrows Chief and Council denounce Whiskey Jack Management Direction

Grassy Narrows Chief and Council are strongly denouncing the Long Term Management Direction (LTMD) for the Whiskey Jack Forest recently released unilateraly by the Province.  The LTMD plans for new clearcutting in Grassy Territory against the will of Grassy Narrows.