River Run 2012. Native rights now. No mercury, no clearcuts.

Please join us in Toronto for River Run 2012, where we’ll continue a tradition of community lead action for justice—for our people, and for the protection of the water, air, and forests that give life to us all.

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ON Court of Appeal orders no logging without consent on Grassy Narrows Territory north of the English River during appeal of landmark legal victory

Toronto – The government of Ontario has agreed not to allow logging without the consent of Asubpeeschoseewagong Netum Anishinabek (Grassy Narrows First Nation) in a vast part of Grassy Narrows Territory in the Whiskey Jack Forest north of the English River while the appeal of Keewatin v. MNR is underway.


Grassy Narrows Chief and Council denounce Whiskey Jack Management Direction

Grassy Narrows Chief and Council are strongly denouncing the Long Term Management Direction (LTMD) for the Whiskey Jack Forest recently released unilateraly by the Province.  The LTMD plans for new clearcutting in Grassy Territory against the will of Grassy Narrows.


Boycott Weyerhaeuser Winnipeg Launch

Winnipeg Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement is calling for a complete boycott of logging gian Weyerhaeuser's forest products to support the Grassy Narrows blockade.


Decision in Grassy Trappers’ Legal Battle Today

The Ontario Superior Court will render its decision today in Keewatin v MNR, a precedent-setting legal action dealing with the battle between clearcut logging and Treaty rights. The case was brought over a decade ago by Grassy Narrows First Nation trappers against the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.