Grassy Narrows’ Litigation Against Ontario Begins

After nearly 10 years winding its way through legal process the Grassy Narrows Trappers' lawsuit is finally being heard in court.  The litigation challenges Ontario's authority to issue logging licenses on Grassy Narrows Territory.  Learn more.


Logging Suspended in Grassy Narrows

Read the full story including press coverage and background documents.

Sovereignty Sleepover, May 26-29 2008.

On May 26th Indigenous communities will gathered at Queen’s Park to uphold our duty to protect the land, forest, water, and air and to promote respect for our Indigenous rights to say no to economic exploitation and environmental destruction.  For media coverage, photos, blogs, and more click here

Grand&Toy/OfficeMax paper supplier backs Grassy Narrows

Boise Inc., the largest paper supplier to OfficeMax/Grand&Toy announced that it will suspend purchasing from clear cuts in Grassy Narrows by June.

Pointing to Queen’s Park

Check out coverage from the Sept. 21 event in Toronto when 250 gathered to display a 75-meter, arrow-shaped banner reading “Native Land Rights Now” at the legislature while First Nation leaders spoke and a helicopter captured the scene overhead.