Grassy trappers win major legal victory!

Grassy Narrows  has won a major victory in their more than decade long battle to stop clearcut logging in their traditional territory. Grassy Narrows Chief and Council welcome the decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to protect the rights promised to the Anishinaabe from interference by Ontario. Madam Justice Mary-Anne Sanderson’s decision, over 300 pages in length, finds that the Government of Ontario does not have the power to take away the rights in Treaty 3 by authorizing development including logging and mining.  (more…)

Audit Slams Whisky Jack Management

The independent audit of logging in the Whiskey Jack Forest 2004-2009 released recently by the provincial government paints a disturbing picture of a forest in decline.  The expert report verifies Grassy Narrows' assertion that the forest is not being properly taken care of.


Grassy youth build new cabins at blockade

Grassy Narrows youth are building two new cabins at the Slant Lake blockade site.  The cabins will be used for hunting, fishing, and housing elders, guests, and community members who visit the blockade.  The cabin building is part of a process of reclamation and revival for Grassy Narrows where people are using the land on their territory to empower themselves and to sustain their families, revive their culture and heal their community.


Chemical in some Weyerhaeuser products designated as “known to cause cancer”

Some Weyerhaeuser iLevel products contain low levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that the U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program Report on Carcinogens recently listed formaldehyde as “known to be a human carcinogen” following a “rigorous scientific review.


Minister forced to intervene in Grassy road dispute

Grassroots women are blocking Segise Road to keep Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) enforcement officers out, so that the community can repair a bridge used to access the territory. The government had said they will only allow the road to be repaired if the community agrees to logging on the territory, but under increasing pressure and public scrutiny the Minister has been forced to step in to try and resolve the dispute.