Saggaate Gathering at Grassy Blockade June 2011

A ceremonial gathering is being planned at the blockade site.  The common ground will be the ceremony to be for the land the people and our future generations. So we are inviting all singers, pipe carriers, drum keepers, ceremonial people and hunters  to come for ceremony and anticipated evening feasts, and social dances.


The Women Behind the Grassy Narrows Blockade Speak

Come hear from three of the women who have helped initiate and sustain the Grassy Narrow blockade.  Through their actions they are empowering the youth in their community, reclaiming control over their territory, reviving their culture, and defending our earth. (more…)

Grassy Narrows blockade enters 9th year

Grassy Narrows Blockade 8th Anniversary December 2, 2010

by Judy Da Silva
 on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 12:22am

December 2, 2002 was the day the community of grassy narrows people set up a human blockade against logging trucks. Read on for reflections from Grassy Narrows on 8 years of the blockade.

Chief Fobister Supports Weyerhaeuser Boycott and Divestment.

In an open letter on October 6, 2010 to loggers, retailers and investors Grassy Narrows Chief Simon Fobister states that “[w]e continue to call for the boycott and divestment of Weyerhaeuser Corporation due to their violation of our human rights as Indigenous Peoples.”  The letter goes on to say that “[w]e will work with our supporters to promote, monitor, and enforce this position.”



Grassy Narrows Clan Mothers block MNR enforcement team

Grassroots women are blocking passage for Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR ) enforcement officers interfering with back-road repair work by the northwestern Ontario First Nations community.  The community is repairing washouts and beaver damage to nearby back-roads to facilitate their ongoing use and enjoyment of their traditional territory.