Boycott Weyerhaeuser Winnipeg Launch

Winnipeg Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement is calling for a complete boycott of logging gian Weyerhaeuser's forest products to support the Grassy Narrows blockade.


Host a Movie Night at Home

Click here to get everything you need. We'll even include the popcorn!

*NEW* Shareholder Action Toolkit

Responsible investors can engage Weyerhaeuser to advocate for the rights and interests of the Grassy Narrows First Nation. Here's how.

Amnesty International’s mission to Grassy Narrows

Amnesty International has launched a research mission to Grassy Narrows to investigate the consequences of the province’s failure to respect indigenous rights.

Mercury Still Killing in Grassy Narrows

Watch Videos from the River Run March and Rally

New River Run March and Rally Photos

Today, 40 years after their river was poisoned by mercury from a paper mill upstream, the health impacts on Grassy Narrows people are worse than ever.

Read on for the shocking health study, the press release,  fact sheet, and to take action.