Native Rights Now!

First Nations push for Native Rights reaches new heights with 30 foot teepee on Ontario Legislature’s lawn.

Pointing to Queen’s Park

Check out coverage from the Sept. 21 event in Toronto when 250 gathered to display a 75-meter, arrow-shaped banner reading “Native Land Rights Now” at the legislature while First Nation leaders spoke and a helicopter captured the scene overhead.

Logging Blockade 5th Anniversary

Last Friday marked the 5th anniversary of the logging road blockade at Grassy Narrows. Judy DaSilva, a clan mother from Grassy Narrows and member of the grassroots effort to end clear cut logging there, offered these thoughts.

Clan Mothers Issue Eviction Notice

Read the Notice issued to loggers December 12.

Clan Mothers Conduct Ceremony north of English River

Four clan mothers from Grassy Narrows have built a wigwam on an isolated logging road in the northern end the community’s traditional land use area to push for an end to the destruction caused by industrial development.