NO LOGGING, NO MERCURY: Noise Demo at Kathleen Wynne’s home!

On Sunday August 25, 2013 Grassy Narrows supportes held a musical noise demonstration at premier Kathleen Wynne's home.  The fun-filled, family friendly protest included an 80 person strong marching band and demanded an end to unwanted logging in Grassy Narrows and real action on mercury poisoning. 

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More than one million Ontarians call for an end to unwanted logging in Grassy Narrows

grassy narrows  Organizations representing more than one million people across Ontario are calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to a make a clear and unequivocal commitment that the province will respect the wishes of the people of Asubpeeschoseewagong (Grassy Narrows) that no new logging permits be issued in their traditional territory. 


Grassy Narrows Youth Gathering


Gathering August 20-22.


Workshops, teachings, drumming, ceremonies, swimming, social dancing.



Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grassy Narrows Blockade!

Over 30 events across Turtle Island joined the Grassy Narrows Blockaders in celebrating their resistance, sovereignty, and action in defence of the earth on the 10th anniversary of the Slant Lake blockade.

Read media reports of the anniversary: click here.

RELEASE Dec. 3, 2012:  Grassy Narrows Blockaders protest logging on 10 year anniversary of blockade

RELEASE Dec. 2, 2012:  Sacred fire at Queens Park marks 10 years of the Grassy Narrows blockade


Grassy Narrows Fall Harvest Activities


Wild Rice and Reconciliation

In August 2012, Alon Weinberg and other supporters went to Grassy Narrows for a multi-day wild rice harvesting expedition!  Alon shares his account of the slow, long, and rewarding experience of processing wild rice, called Manoomin in Anishinabemowin (Ojibway language), and how this traditional practice plays an important role in Grassy Narrow’s resurgence economy. 

Check out Alon’s Photos and Essay

Learn More about Ecotourism in Grassy Narrows