Take Action

Everyone can lend a hand to support Grassy Narrows.

Phone and Online Action

If you can't make it out to the rallies and marches, start by taking action from your home.


Spread the Word

It takes many people to make change.  Use these tools to get the word out about Grassy Narrows with your community. Every person counts.


Wood from Grassy Narrows’ territory ends up in retail outlets in stores across North America. You can do something about it.  Use these tools to connect with others and make change in your community.

Consume Responsibly

Think Global.  Act Local.  Use these tools to move the global economy away from wood and paper products that have adverse social and environmental impacts.


For Builders Architects and Designers

If you're a builder, chances are you know about TimberStrand LSL. You probably don't know that it may be from Grassy Narrows. Use our guide to ensure that your purchasing decisions align with your values.

For Shareholders

Your money may be invested in companies like Weyerhaeuser who refuse to respect the rights of communities like Grassy Narrows.  If you hold or manage shares or mutual funds, or if you are part of a pension fund, you can have an impact.